Hand Puppets

Hand puppets have been used for generations by children to entertain themselves or by grown-ups to entertain children. Something as simple of putting a sock over the hand to make a “talking snake” has always brought laughter and fun to children.

15" Ventriloquist Puppets

These mini ventriloquist hand puppets have great mouth movement and are a cheaper alternative to our traditional ventriloquist dummies.

They are a smaller version of the 26″ soft-head ventriloquist puppets (but without the arm rods) and stand at around 15″ high, still big enough to be seen from a stage.

26" Ventriloquist Puppets

High quality, lightweight ventriloquist puppet, ideal for entertaining, education or just for fun.

Excellent mouth movement which is operated by your hand placed in the mouth through a rear opening. A rod is supplied for hand and arm movement which can be attached to either puppet hand for right or left hand performers.

Folkmanis® Arm Puppets

Made from the best possible materials, Folkmanis® Hand Puppets are the most beautifully crafted, carefully detailed and realistic animal puppets available. Many have won awards around the world for their design and quality.

Folkmanis® Hand Puppets

Folkmanis® Hand Puppets are the most beautifully crafted, available. Known for their quality, these lovable puppets will be treasured for years. Folkmanis® puppets are safety tested for all ages, but are recommended for 3 years and up.