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Bojo Ventriloquist Mask

The Bojo Ventriloquist Mask is a stage quality addition to the Kallini Puppets line-up. It is funny and great for creating laughter among your audience or friends. Fully lined for comfort, this strong, yet light ventriloquist mask is ideal to use as a comedy prop. By jove, it’s Bojo!



The Bojo Ventriloquist Mask is our newest creation, designed and sculpted in our workshop here in UK.

Oliver designed this mask to look rather familiar, with thick lips and a distinctive teeth. It’s up you to make the voice – you can get inspiration for this from the TV news maybe? You will see people laughing even before he speaks.

It is strong, yet light weight and is operated with a meter long cable and lever. Over the years, we have found that the cable and lever method of operation is utterly reliable. This provides instant feedback to the user and gives a good ‘feel’ when performing.

The mask is held to the volunteers face by a headloop and clip with elastic straps. This system is comfortable to wear and provides the necessary support as the mouth opens and closes.

Inside is fully lined with foam and felt for a comfortable fit. There is a leather style piece over the volunteer’s mouth that can be ‘baby wiped’ clean for extra hygiene.

Each mask is hand painted in our workshop, where the skin tone is built up with no less than four coats of acrylic paint. The teeth, gums and lips all hand painted.

The Bojo Ventriloquist Mask is being used by professional ventriloquists and stage performers internationally. Also those wanting to do something memorable; such as for best man’s speeches, special birthday celebrations, by training companies, and in schools, and by some, job leaving speeches. A perfect prop to add some comedy!

Bojo is supplied with a blonde hairpiece, so you can get entertaining right out of the box!