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Premium Quality, Hand Made Ventriloquist Masks

From Kallini Puppets

Premium Quality, Hand Made Ventriloquist Masks

From Kallini Puppets

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Ventriloquist Masks from Kallini Puppets - Welcome

Here at Kallini Puppets we design and make ventriloquist masks. We supply them to comedy performers all round the world. The masks we supply are all hand-made and hand-painted in our workshop here in the UK.

Known as vent masks, they are used by professional entertainers and amateurs alike to transform someone into a human ventriloquist dummy. They are an hilarious comedy prop that never fails to get an audience laughing – even before you add the voice!

You’ve probably seen these on television, as a some of our customers are well-known comedians….but we believe you don’t have to be a professional to be funny! 

It’s simple, all you need to do is fit the mask to your victim and squeeze the lever. Every time you squeeze and release, the mouth opens and closes. Put on a silly voice and that’s it – you have a human ventriloquist dummy that you can get to say (or sing) anything!

Can you think of an event or special occasion where you want to add some humour? Have someone in mind to be your dummy?

Shown below are 4 ventriloquist masks on special sale – to see all of our masks you can use the menu at the top or click here.

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