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Large Comedy Teeth (Natural Lips) Ventriloquist Mask

This is mask comes with large comedy teeth. This ventriloquist face mask can be used for both male and female volunteers. It is made from a strong, yet light weight resin…



The Large Comedy Teeth Ventriloquist Mask was designed and sculpted by Oliver in the Kallini Puppets workshop. You can find a little more information on this process on the about us page…

As you can see, Oliver designed this mask to fit under the volunteer’s nose. It is smooth and curvy rounded, with oversized comedy teeth, and this model has the natural colour lips. Apart from the lip colour, it is identical to the other Large Comedy Teeth ventriloquist mask we make. Worn by any gender, you will see people around you laughing even before anything is said.

It is strong, yet light weight and is operated with a meter long cable and lever. Over the years, we have found that the cable and lever method of operation is utterly reliable and provides instant feedback to the user. It gives a good ‘feel’ when performing.

The mask is held to the volunteers face with elastic straps that are designed to be comfortable yet provide the necessary support as the mouth opens and closes. The straps fit over and behind the volunteer’s head, and are attached using Velcro.

The inside is lined with foam and felt for a comfortable fit. Across where the volunteer’s mouth will be, there is a leather style piece that can be ‘baby wiped’ clean for extra hygiene.

Every aspect of the mask is hand painted in our workshop. The skin tone is built up with no less than four coats of acrylic paint. The teeth, gums and striking lips all hand painted.

This mask, along with its twin, is our best selling mask and has been sold in over 35 countries.

Professional ventriloquists and performers do use this mask when on stage in front of an audience, as do fun-loving people wanting to make a splash for best man’s speech or that big birthday celebration, or perhaps a stag or hen do.