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How We Design a New Ventriloquist Mask – Part 2

So we’ve finished our tea and biscuits – it’s time to carry on.. Now we’ve got the primary mould, we use it to make a template mask. This nowhere near finished – it just lets us see if we got the look we were after. Next we work out how we want the mouth to […]

How We Design a New Ventriloquist Mask – Part 1

Creating a completely new design is a complex, time consuming exercise. It is a highly skilled process that requires patience and years of experience. It’s a combination of art and science…. The most recent new design we made was the Bojo Ventriloquist Mask. We decided that Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister was a suitable […]

Kallini Puppets Launch their New Website

We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes with the team from Burns Creative on building our brand new responsive e-commerce website design. Let us know what you think, we’ll be continuing to make improvements over time.