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How We Design a New Ventriloquist Mask – Part 2

So we’ve finished our tea and biscuits – it’s time to carry on..

Now we’ve got the primary mould, we use it to make a template mask. This nowhere near finished – it just lets us see if we got the look we were after.

Next we work out how we want the mouth to operate. Once we decide how Bojo should talk to us, we get to work cutting up the precious template we’ve just made. All of our ventriloquist masks are made in two parts; the lower half, which is the jaw, and the upper. Bojo needs gums and teeth so he can enjoy cream teas with the Queen! So we oblige and give him some.

After the dentist we work on the mechanics

It takes literally decades of experience in prop building to get the operation of a new ventriloquist mask just right. We need to work out the pivot points and the anchor points so that the mouth opens and closes smoothly every time the lever is squeezed. We are very aware that the final product has to be utterly reliable – Bojo can’t fumble his words on stage!

Once we know it works well, it’s time to make to production moulds. This is another messy job – more clay and more gunk. This is our final chance to add surface detail.

We now have the final molds. The very first Bojo ventriloquist mask is made and put together. We are delighted, but there’s more work to do…

All Kallini masks are fully lined with foam and felt to make them comfortable to wear. First we pad and line the Bojo mask, and then make templates of all the various shapes of fabric we use.

Bojo ready to entertain

Only when it looks right, feels comfortable and operates smoothly, is a Kallini Puppets ventriloquist mask ready to entertain.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the Bojo Ventriloquist Mask

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