Mr Grumpy Ventriloquist Mask
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Mr Grumpy Ventriloquist Mask



Mr. Grumpy can sometimes be grouchy, but always funny. This comedy old man ventriloquist mask has a large bulbous nose, old man’s skin and bad teeth! Looks especially funny when your victim is young and handsome! Perfect prop for the best man….

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This is Mr. Grumpy. He’s our larger than life hand-made old man ventriloquist mask.

We designed this character mask with a grumpy look, with hand-painted blotchy skin and ugly teeth. We also gave him a large bulbous nose and weathered skin texture. It’s especially funny when the person wearing it is young and handsome!

This is a large mask, and we make it using strong and lightweight materials. As with all Kallini Puppets vent masks, you work the mouth with a metre long cable and lever. When you squeeze the lever the mouth opens, when you release it the mouth closes. Our customers tell us this method is utterly reliable and provides instant feedback and a good ‘feel’ when performing.

You fit the mask easily with the head loop and push fit clip. It’s held comfortably to the volunteer’s face, and provides the necessary support as you operate the mouth and get your audience laughing.

We fully line the inside with foam and felt for comfort. Also for extra hygiene, you can easily sanitise the leather style piece that covers the user’s mouth with an over the counter spray or wipe.

Mr. Grumpy has been is used by professional ventriloquists and stage performers worldwide. We have also seen him appear at retirement dos and birthday bashes. Hilariously, we’ve seen the best man fit this old man ventriloquist mask to the groom at the wedding to deliver his speech! A perfect prop to add some comedy and create long lasting memories!

*flat cap not included, but you can ask grandpa to borrow his! Or maybe take him back to his youth with a wig like this?

COVID-19 – This ventriloquist mask will fit over standard disposable face masks. We highly recommend thoroughly sanitising this product between users.



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