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Cheeky Monkey Ventriloquist Mask – Child Size

This is mask comes with cheeky monkey grin and synthetic fur. This cable operated ventriloquist face mask is designed to be worn by child volunteers.



Monkey around with this beautifully detailed, top quality ventriloquist face mask designed and
sculptured by Oliver, especially to fit child volunteers. You can find a little more information on the
design process on the about us page…

Since its launch, the Cheeky Monkey mask has proved popular; being used at comedy events,
children’s parties, stage shows, schools and even zoos around the world!

It has upper and lower teeth, with fur material around the ears and cheeks. Every aspect of the mask
is hand painted in our workshop. The skin tone is built up with no less than four coats of acrylic
paint, fine brushed around the mouth for added detail. The teeth, gums and lips all hand painted.

It is strong, yet light weight and is operated with a meter long cable and lever. Over the years, we
have found that the cable and lever method of operation is utterly reliable and provides instant
feedback to the user. It gives a good ‘feel’ when performing.

The mask is held to the volunteers face with elastic straps that are designed to be comfortable yet
provide the necessary support as the mouth opens and closes. The straps fit over and behind the
volunteer’s head, and are attached using Velcro.

The inside is fully lined and padded with foam and felt for a comfortable fit. Across where the
volunteer’s mouth will be, there is a leather style piece that can be ‘baby wiped’ clean for extra

Designed to fit: Children 6 to 14 years (approx.)